We were given an exciting brief from the TAC and Melbourne Victory: deliver a road safety message to young Victory fans in a way that would really get them to sit up and take notice.

Our response was to show them the Victory like they’d never seen before – in super slow mo, set to classical music. The ‘Stay In Control’ campaign created a strong analogy between slowing down on the field and slowing down on the roads.

  Viewers also went in the draw to learn how to slow down and stay in control for real, with a private training session from the Melbourne Victory.
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What does Adidas stand for?

All day I dream about sex? Nah. It stands for All Day I Dream About Sneakers. At least it did once our campaign for Adidas Originals hit the street.

We created a mysterious sneaker inventor Herr Fritz Traumer and presented his long lost “Dream Sneakers” journal and posters at premier Adidas retailers across the state.
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