How do you get 18-25 year olds to sit up and take notice of a Government anti-drug campaign?

First we made a conscious decision not to push an extreme and hard hitting addiction message,
as we knew the audience would automatically switch off. So we developed a campaign that effectively holds up a mirror to young Victorians, while posing the question every friend and family member has for them –
‘What are you doing on ice?’

The idea was to get them thinking. Not only about how quickly ice use can escalate towards addiction, but also how their actions impact
upon their lives, and the lives of loved ones around them.
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A trip to the movies just isn’t complete without classic movie snacks, so based on the heroes of the Candy Bar, we created a family-friendly cast of 3D animated characters 'The NomNoms' to give the Candy Bar a starring role in the Village cinema experience. The five characters feature across point-of-sale marketing touchpoints and Village Cinemas digital assets, keeping you entertained from the moment you approach the box office to the moment you leave.
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